Many repair shops claim to offer a stress-free repair process, but Reliable Collision takes it to another level. Check out this story from Mike Casale, a satisfied customer who can speak to just how well Reliable Collision takes care of their customers.
Mike’s Story

As the expression has always been said, accidents can happen. Yes, we know this is true, but it is a term that we still prefer not to hear. When we are involved in an automotive accident, our initial thought process generally goes to tough times ahead and multiple levels of stress. It is even a worse feeling when the accident was completely out of your control. Personally, I can speak to this mindset.

Just a few weeks back, I was driving home from picking up takeout food for my wife and kids in my hometown of Coventry, Rhode Island. I was comfortably driving in my 2018 Toyota Tacoma, waiting at a stoplight in a left turn lane, when suddenly someone coming up in the right lane struck my truck from behind. This person attempted to perform a hit and run, but luckily I was able to then move over, and follow them long enough to call the police and report their license plate number. Once I did that, I pulled my truck over, and waited for the police to come and investigate the situation. After finding out that this person that hit my truck was a drunk driver with no insurance, all kinds of questions started to arise, which stressed me out even further.

As most people would be, I was shocked that this whole situation had even happened, as it was completely unexpected. My damage was clearly noticeable, and I knew that my next step would be to call Randy Bottella and the team at Reliable Collision. Working in marketing, time is not always a friend of mine, and while I knew that I wanted to have my truck repaired to pre-accident condition, I needed to depend on a team that could handle the entire process.

Luckily, my truck was 100% drivable, but if not, the Reliable Collision team would have been able to offer me towing service back to their shop. So, the next morning, after my accident, I drove my truck over to the Reliable Collision facility in hopes that they would be able to handle the next steps.

They certainly did not disappoint me one bit. Randy’s team greeted me instantly, and began the process of looking over my truck for an initial evaluation, and helping me contact my insurance company to get the repair process started. Randy was able to put me in a rental vehicle within a few minutes that was completely comparable to the truck that I was already driving. I signed a few papers, answered a few questions, and I was now on my way. It was that simple! The whole process was smooth and seamless, as I was notified that they would handle everything from there, including the insurance adjuster process as well.

In less than 3 weeks, Reliable Collision was able to handle the claim process with the insurance company, they were in full contact with the insurance adjuster, and provided me with consistent text updates letting me know the progress of my truck. It was a very impressive experience and process on their part. I never had any doubts or questions about the progress of my truck.

Come to find out, they noticed several things about the truck that had been damaged, but wouldn’t normally come up in a typical insurance appraisal. For example, there were some issues with the clips that hold my side trim in place, as well as my rear bumper being slightly misaligned from the accident.

Reliable Collision has a tremendous sense of detail, and nothing is left ignored, even if it means the insurance adjuster having to come back out again after an additional problem has been noticed. They even made sure to order the exact bed “TRD 4×4 Sport” decal straight from Toyota, as they only prefer to use the highest quality parts. Many shops might have gone the discounted aftermarket route. If I had taken my truck to my insurance carrier’s appraiser directly, most likely, none of those issues would have been accounted for in their appraisal, leaving me with an incomplete repair.

Because of the efforts that Reliable Collision has made, my Tacoma is back to showroom level condition. They even performed a full detail of my truck before returning it to me. Like I mentioned at the beginning of my story, accidents can happen. We all know this. But when they do, they can also turn your life upside down. You have enough issues to worry about, such as injuries from the accident, lost time out of work or with your family, and overall stress caused by the incident. Why worry about your collision repair? I know that I didn’t have to. That is why I hired Reliable Collision to repair my truck.