If you’ve been in an accident and are in need of autobody repair work, it helps to know that your vehicle is in the right hands. After all, not all autobody shops are created equal and there are over 200 shops in RI. So how do you know your vehicle is receiving the very best care? Making sure you turn to a Class A shop is a great way to start. In the entire state of Rhode Island, there are only about 30 Class A autobody shops. If a RI shop is awarded a Class A certification, it is well within the top 20% of autobody shops in the state.

Why is using a Class A Certified Autobody Shop so important?

A Class A Certification shows that a collision center meets the strict guidelines set by the state of RI as well as the car manufacturer, and has the equipment and training to fix your vehicle right.

Some of these guidelines include:

  • Must be certified to have aluminum repair capabilities by at least one auto manufacturer
  • Must offer lifetime warranties and track customer complaints
  • All shop technicians must be Trained and Certified

That means that with a Class A shop, you know your repair comes with a lifetime warranty and that they will hold themselves accountable for any complaint you may have. You also know that any technician that touches your vehicle will be trained and certified.

Both of those points are extremely important. However, the aluminum repair certification should not be overlooked as this is a very difficult standard to achieve. This standard involves numerous levels of training, as well as the manufacturer inspections of the facility and equipment being used to repair newer vehicles. During these inspections, manufacturers are actually signing off on a shop’s operation stating they have met factory standards for specific equipment, training, and procedures to complete repairs on the vehicle that they manufacture. This level of inspection and accountability is significantly higher than what you would encounter in a traditional body shop.

The Reliable Collision Difference

At Reliable Collision, we take our Class A certification a step further with additional certifications from manufacturers. Reliable Collision is certified by Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, GM, and many others. We are also an ASE Master certified facility with award-winning customer service and glowing reviews from past customers.

The Reliable Collision mindset is that if a customer has been involved in an accident, their life has been essentially turned upside down. They find themselves in need of towing assistance, they need a rental car, and they may need help with processing the insurance claim properly. These can all be daunting tasks that most customers are not ready for.

With this in mind, Randy Bottella and his team are prepared to assist in every one of these areas. They own their own towing company with multiple trucks to pick up customer cars after an accident. They also have their own fleet of rental cars at the ready including cars, SUVs, trucks, cargo vans, and work trucks. You can even rely on the Reliable Collision team to help you process the insurance claim right from their facility with you.

Perhaps the most important thing that separates Reliable Collision Repair from other facilities is their dedication to the finest quality. Many customers believe that when a car has been in an accident, it will never be the same again. However, Reliable Collison is known for returning vehicles to pre-accident performance and appearance, sometimes better. Using factory parts as often as possible, as well as utilizing the best paints, materials, and equipment available, they strive to make the repair invisible and last a lifetime, as if it never happened at all.

If you are in need of collision repair, make the right choice and contact us here or call (401) 823-4770 today!