No matter how well you maintain your car, scratches, dents, weather damage, and other hazards can damage your paint.
Whether it’s because of a runaway shopping cart or just regular wear, there are lots of reasons you might find your vehicle in need of a touch-up or a new paint job.

Whatever reasons you might have, let’s look at the 5 signs that your car needs a paint job.

1. Rust & Corrosion

It’s not uncommon for rust and corrosion to set in during the winter, especially in the harsh New England conditions! The salt and moisture that come with winter weather can really do a number on your paint. But even in the summer, rain can also cause rust and corrosion to set in. When repainting due to rust and corrosion, it helps to get an evaluation from a Class-A autobody shop which will be able to determine the severity of the damage and give you a clear idea of whether the rust has actually damaged the body or frame of your vehicle.

2. Sun Damage

On the other side of weather damage is sun damage. Too much exposure to heat and sunlight can cause automotive paint to bubble, chip, peel, or fade. While keeping your car out of harsh sunlight as well as detailing and waxing regularly can minimize the effects of fading, this can still happen over time.

3. Dents & Scratches

No matter how hard you may try, there is always potential for dents and scratches. Whether it’s due to busy parking lots during the holiday season, debris blowing around in a storm, or just daily hazards, it can feel impossible to avoid dents and scratches completely. While some of these imperfections may be buffed out, it’s important to know when a scratch is just too deep to repair on your own. For more information on that, please read this article.

4. It’s time to sell your car

A new paint job can seriously improve the resale value of your car. Naturally, it is the first thing prospective buyers will see when looking at your vehicle and first impressions are crucial. While dents, scratches, and fading paint may give buyers the idea that your car be worn out, a pristine paint job gives the impression of a car that was well taken care of which affects its value.

5. Accidents

Almost any time you’ve been in an accident, painting will be a part of the collision repair process. But if you’d like to make sure your vehicle recoups as much value as possible during it’s repair, you need to work with a Class-A autobody shop like Reliable Collision Repair.

At Reliable, we understand that when your vehicle needs repairs, even for a parking lot fender-bender, it can feel like your life has been turned upside down. That’s why we do everything we can to get your vehicle back on the road. From handling the appraisal to dealing with your insurance company and even providing rental vehicles or helping to tow your vehicle to our shop in some cases – we can help you at every step of the way.

As a class-A autobody shop, when you use Reliable Collision, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands. If you give us a call at (401) 823-4770 or schedule an appointment with us through Carwise, we’ll be happy to help get your vehicle back on the road in tip-top shape.