It may feel like yesterday that electric cars and hybrid vehicles were few and far between. However, as production, sales, and competition in the EV & Hybrid markets have heated up, these vehicles are becoming much more common. While the Prius, Insight, and Volt may have helped start the new wave, companies like Tesla have improved a lot of the early logistical issues to help pave the way for more widespread production of these vehicles. Nowadays, it seems that almost every major automaker offers several EV and Hybrid options. Some experts even claim that electric vehicles will make up 50% of new car sales by 2033.

While many car enthusiasts will always love the roar of a gas-powered engine, the ability to repair electric and hybrid vehicles is becoming increasingly important. While some shops are still brushing off this vehicle trend, our team is making sure we are adapting to this changing technology. At Reliable Collision, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure our staff is fully trained and certified to work on your EV or Hybrid vehicle.

Is body repair different for EVs and Hybrids?

Yes! Body repair can be very different for EVs and Hybrids vs. regular vehicles because the interior drive systems are very different. As you may know already, an accident that seems to be cosmetic could mean much more, even for gas-powered vehicles. In some cases, battery packs and hybrid drive components can be damaged causing repairs that could be complicated and costly when handled by a repair shop team that is not properly trained to handle these vehicles.

While a shop may have “some experience” with EV and hybrid vehicles, it’s important to make sure the techs at your shop are up-to-date on the latest technology, trends, and individual vehicle systems. After all, not all electric systems are the same so it is important to make sure that when you bring an electric vehicle to an autobody repair shop, that the staff there does not have experience with some electric vehicles, but that they have a full understanding of how to treat your vehicle.

What makes Reliable Collision Repair the right choice for repairing your hybrid or electric vehicles?

Many of our certifications, including our Ford Certified Collision Network accreditation as well as our I-CAR Gold Class certification, require extensive training on EV and hybrid preparedness. This body of knowledge, combined with our team’s experience, Class A designation, and customer-first approach mean that if you take your EV or hybrid vehicle to Reliable Collision Repair, you will be in good hands.

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