Looking for the right place for repairs after damage has occurred to your vehicle can be a headache. You may notice that many repair shops differ in price and are having trouble comparing. Many questions come up in this process…why are there different costs for the same repair? Which one should you pick? Where will you get the best service? We’re here to help you answer these questions and navigate through this tricky process.

1. Materials

From shop to shop there are different tools, materials, and equipment used which can cause costs to vary. It is important to note that service and experience are appraised at different values altering the pricing structure. When completing repairs, some parts are better than others depending on your vehicle’s needs. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are not offered everywhere you may look, some shops use non-OEM parts and recycled parts as well.

2. Location

If you’ve ever noticed common goods being more expensive in cities rather than small towns, the same goes for vehicle repairs. This is because the cost of rent prices, taxes, and employees may be higher in these areas as well. Shops in less expensive areas can mean that repairs at shops may be lower due to lower overhead costs. Employee skill level can be a factor in your repair cost, which is an important factor to consider when deciding among shops. 

3. Experience

A shop with an established reputation can afford to charge higher prices because they are swarmed with clients, while newer shops may be offering lower prices because they need the business. While a low price can be attractive, the quality might not level up to that of a more experienced and trusted shop. Choosing a Class-A autobody shop will allow you the safety of knowing your vehicle is in great hands. This is because Class-A shops are required to meet strict standards of quality and technical training, which ensures that no corners are being cut allowing you to receive the repairs you need.

If you are looking for vehicle repair in Rhode Island, call Reliable Collision Repair!

At Reliable Collision Repair, we understand that accidents happen. When you’re in need of a repair, even for minor damage, finding the right shop can be difficult. As a Class-A autobody shop, we are here to help you every step of the way. We take pride in providing quality service from start to finish. With our experienced team and high-end equipment, we are ready to help you while offering towing, providing rental cars, handling the appraisal, and excellent repairs allowing you to get back on the road looking better than ever!

As a class-A autobody shop, Reliable Collision can allow you to rest assured that your vehicle is in great hands. We are happy to get your vehicle repaired and ready to get back on the road in excellent condition, give us a call at (401) 823-4770 or schedule an appointment if you are ever in need of autobody repairs to your vehicle.